An Eclectic Wiccan

My brand new altar

Everyone has that friend that you just talk about everything to. You sit next to her on her bed and talk until the moon comes up. “I’m a Witch,” she tells me, and I give a half-hearted laugh because I don’t understand what that means. 

She has a bucket of crystals in her room, a dog-eared box of tarot cards her mum gave her once, and mixed in with her academic library, some well-worn books that claim to contain real spells. I never really thought about them too much- these items are almost lost amongst all the other stuff she has; endless piles of clothes, musical instruments and magazines. 

But one day I become interested, I’m meant to be revising but instead I find myself googling witchcraft. A whole new world opens up to me, and the words “Paganism” and “Wicca” keep cropping up. 

I’ve always believed that plants and animals have souls, or spirits, just like humans do. Why wouldn’t they? Aren’t they alive, just like we are? When I was a child, I used to press my ear against the trunk of the tree and convince myself I could hear them buzzing with life. I never questioned this as I grew up, and always had respect for Nature. 

My searching of witchcraft continues, and more and more I find myself relating to paganism. Honouring and worshiping nature resonates with me, and then I find out about the Divine. To me, the gods and goddesses are a personification of Nature itself. Many people see them in other ways, including magickal human-like beings. They are present everywhere, in the flowers, the rivers, and the sky. I then claim the name “Pagan” and happiness and a desire to learn more overcomes me. 

But still, I do not understand what a Witch is. What is the difference between a Witch and a Wiccan? More research draws me toward the idea of Wicca. There are so many different paths, ideas, and beliefs, so I call myself an eclectic wiccan . I’m still learning a lot; this is the beginning for me and I hope to share how I feel here.